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Summer Vacation

This summer i am doing camps and taking a trip to Miami. Some camps that i am doing are Coach B’s camp and some for my church (NNUMC). My cousins are coming from California, and Texas. We are going to have so much fun, in the SUN!!! We are also going to Disney World and Lego land. I have may younger cousins so that is why i am going to Lego land. It is going to be awesome because i only get to see them once a year. Well, of course i’m going to have family time we are going to go to then Ritz Carlton for the 4th of July.

I can’t wait to hangout with my friends.Me and my friend Grace are going to plan a week sleepover, yes a sleepover for a week and we plan to do an all-nighter. I love to go to the beach and swim out to the sand bar and then bring my penny board to skate on the boardwalk. Usually i take a few days to just relax and stay in my PJ’s. That is probably what i would do during my summer vacation.pacific morning
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Last Post

How many posts did you write? I wrote 10 posts, all from the challenge.
How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge? Many of them were school based because we got to learn more about the computer.
How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students? Over 2 comments, it was fun reading feedback.
Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened? Because it was an interesting post, and people love reading them.
Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why? Memories because i got to look back at the good things.
Did you change blog themes at all and why? No, i kept it the same because i didn’t think i needed to change my background.
How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough? On symbaloo i have a lot of widgets but not ion my blog.
How many overseas students do you have on your blogroll? No i don’t have any overseas people on my blog roll.

What were your first impressions of this blog? Jonathan said ” He loved how my blog was colorful and neat.
What captured your attention? He liked the flowers in the background because they caught his attention.
What distracted you on the blog? “the long posts didn’t make my blog interesting” Jonathan said.
What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog? He told me to not do challenges it makes it confusing.

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What makes a good family?

What makes a good family?
Do you want to know those key things that make a family a good family? I love eating with my family and not eating all at separate times so we can talk about our days all together and learn new things that we didn’t know. Having a dog really brings a family together because when we take him out me and my mom talk about school and how she is doing and we make a plan for the next day.

I love going out and playing on the baseball and football field for some fun on the weekends. I think having a great family is great but you can’t always spend your time all together you have to take some time for yourself and relax without any stress on being there for your family. Taking some time out of your day to make a card for a family member that is sick or injured, or that either lives far away or you just want to communicate, it just makes them feel important.

Quality time
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What time do you normally get up to go to school? I usually get up around 6:00 am.
What do you normally have for breakfast, recess, lunch, tea (dinner, supper)? For breakfast i usually have cereal for breakfast. I don’t have a snack at recess, but i usually have whatever the school is serving that day for lunch. How do you get to school? My mom drives me to school at 7:00
How long does it take to get to or from school? It takes me about 30 minuets for me to get to school.
A typical lunch at school. There are many different things to have at the school, it changes everyday.
Subjects you have to do – remember to explain abbreviations like LOTE and ELA. My core classes are Science, Math, Social Studies and Language arts.
Specialist subjects or electives, options. In our school we have a robotics team, but i am not on it, and we have a chorale that i sing in.
Technology in your school. Yes, we have technology in our school.
A typical school day with timetable and breaks. Our school day starts at 8:00 and ends at 3:00, our extra curriculum classes are 45 minuets long.
What do you do at break times? Games, activities etc. The boys usually play football, and the girls talk at the benches.
School bell has gone for end of day – what happens now? We go to car line and wait till our moms/dads pick us up.
Do you have to wear uniform? Yes we have to wear a school uniform and everything we wear has to have the school logo on it.
How many days per year are you at school? How is this arranged – terms etc? I do not know how many days we are at school but we take off holidays and, we have many teacher planning days.
What do you enjoy most about school? I love seeing all my friends, and learning new things each day.
If you could improve your school, what would you do? I would get new computers and not have uniforms.

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Famous or Leader

Technology Activites

Activity 4: Famous or Leader
Sometimes younger students might think a famous singer, musician, writer is a good leader. Name five famous people who you think show great leadership skills. Explain why and what those skills are?

• Obama- He was the first African American president that led our country. He was not afraid to be offended; he was a leader for people who didn’t believe that an African American could be a president. Obama understands how to lead someone and how to teach other people to be leaders. Obama is a great leader for our country.
• Marylyn Monroe- She is a sex (gender) symbol and she was a leader to woman and girls she said women aren’t just for cooking dinner or looking pretty as a date. They are beautiful creations from god and take care of them as you would take care of yourself. She was proud of being a woman, and not being afraid to be offended.
• Teachers- Teachers are leaders and they help the community. They make sure everybody is learning at their own pace and give them a fun and entertaining learning experience. Being a teacher means you have to act like the leader and be the leader. When a problem comes up you have to take over the problem and act like an adult and also be respectful to your peers that is how teachers are leaders.
• John Green- He is a fantastic writer and inspirer, he wrote a book called the “Fault In Our Stars” it is a greatest book and talks about cancer and two teenagers in love, it teaches you to not take granted of your healthy self. John Green I a leader to the people who love his books he makes sure that even in the movie he is making off of his book he takes charge like a leader and just doesn’t sit back and relax.
• Albert Einstein- He lead so many people who had a dream, the geeks felt like they could do something big. He changed the way of learning and he taught us to love what we love and have your dreams come true Albert Einstein said you can be popular even when you are smart. He was a leader in many ways by teaching people he wanted to change the world with the way he learned things and the way he taught things.

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One of my favorite memories was on our school field trip to Parish, Florida. When we first got there it was raining, it was so muddy. The first day I though its was going to be so boring but it was so much fun!!!  We learned so many things, we learned how to say hello in different langhuages. The second day we went canoeing, I went with Savannah and Jenna. We would always get stuck in the mangroves, and our hair got stuck.  The day that we left we sat on the bus and drove home so sad that we had to leave. We had such a great time all together.


My other favorite memory was when I went to Disney for the first time. I was five and i had quite an imagination. I loved seeing all the Disney characters and having then sign my autograph book. My brother came and he disliked all the characters so I really didn’t get to meet alot of them. I loved going through the castle ans looking at what was inside of the Cinderella castle. My favorite ride at Disney was the the flying Dumbo’s, I kepy on going on and on and on it agian!!! We had so much fun, I got to ride on my dad’s shoulders instead of walking in the heat of Orlando, Florida. On the ride home I fell fast asleep.



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Poem of Rain


The rain makes me forget my pain,

the drops on my face fall at a pace.

I sleep during the day because it is calm,

and i can her the waving palms.

A warm cup of tea,

Helps me find my singing key.

At the end of the day you see then rainbow,

And i just go with the flow.


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Try my puzzle:

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Sharing Creative Works

Computers are powerful tools of creation. When you draw a picture by hand there is only one copy. When you do it on the computer an publish it,it could be shared around the world. Once one single person has a copy they could share it. They also have the ability to make changes to the picture, video etc. This is when the law states that they are not allowed to copy your photo unless they get your permission.  In the U.S. this law is called fair use. Creatice commons is an organization that provides a collection of free content lisence, that you may apply to your work.

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Photo Edited by Pixlr

Tour_Effeilpont edited Thank you Wikimedia for letting share this picture with my blog. I love this picture because it really makes the Effie Tower stand out, with the edits from pixlr. I made sure that everything was black and white then I colored in the Effie Tower so it looked liken it was the main attention.

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